Handwritten Digitized Advanced Signature Audit now available in english

The EADTrust  ten principles of best practices regarding electronic handwritten signature are now available in English:

  1. Capture of biometric dynamic signature elements associated with their generation data
  2. Bi-univocal bind between the biometric elements and the signed electronic document
  3. Impossibility of inserting the signature on other documents, without signer approval
  4. Document authenticity bound to signer identity
  5. Confidentiality of the biometric data and Information Protection, according to the Data Protection Act
  6. The signer is able to check his/her own signature as seen in the document
  7. Possibility of proving the authenticity of the signature during a lawsuit
  8. Symetric access to the evidentiary weight of signed documents by signers
  9. Durable medium as signature support
  10. Existence of Data breach response plan in place

EADTrust opens its Audit service to graphometric signature solutions in different countries.

This is a  Handwritten Digitized Advanced Signature Audit service leaflet that can be helpful to understand this kind of services.

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